• tasting notes: dark chocolate / caramel / orange
  • body: creamy / balanced / complex
  • roast: medium & dark
  • growing region:  Central America & South America


+This old school blend of coffees brings to mind exactly what you think of when you recall that "perfect, Italian shot of espresso you had on vacation 15 years ago". You'll pull shots with a sweet aroma, rich with delicate notes of cocoa, and long lasting caramel colored crema. Ribbons of dark chocolate, sweet citrus, and deeper roasty flavors round out the shot. You can brew great filter coffee with this blend, too, but we meticulously selected these ratios with espresso in mind.


**Coffee ships in our house kraft paper bags. We strongly recommend that you transfer your coffee into an air tight storage container to maintain the flavor and aroma of your coffee, or upgrade to our heat sealed packaging - available in the drop down tab below. If you don't have an airtight container, check out our favorite coffee storage in house and online.

Espresso #1 Blend 16oz

  • We find that when blended correctly, the result can be greater than the sum of its parts. Our house blends have developed over the years by playing with flavor mixing in an attempt to explore the hard to reach corners of tasting charts. If you're someone who "likes x but wishes it was a little more this" or "loves x but wishes it wasn't so strong," blends are your friend. When browsing blends, if you are uncertain about anything, please feel free to call and talk to us in person. We find that it is much easier to match you with the perfect blend by asking a few short questions that an online experience just can't quite deliver.