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About Redding Roasters

The Cliff Notes version:

Our Backstory: About

We opened in 2004

Bill O'Keefe established Redding Roasters with quality, freshness, and creativity in mind.

Our Backstory: About
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In 2012, Kaitlyn took over Redding Roasters-

This second generation roaster is a coffee fanatic, passionately educated, and fully caffeinated... We carry 18 years in the industry- growing with the specialty coffee industry, learning and sharing what we find.

Our Backstory: About

Our goal is to connect you to the world of specialty coffee, the best and freshest Arabica beans...

Roasting almost every day, we partner with long time coffee traders who connect us to the source. Concentrating on transparency, traceability, and quality, we purchase and roast fresh crop coffees year round.

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Our Backstory: About
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Our Diedrich IR-12 was the obvious choice from the start-

With infrared heat technology and a cast iron drum, we can control the variables in the roasting process that allow us to properly develop and bring out the unique characteristics of each origin we source.

Our Backstory: About
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Visit our retail store-

Sample the daily brew on tap, chat coffee, and go home with something you love.

Our Backstory: About
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