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  • tasting notes: cocoa / stone fruit / roasty
  • body: rich / balanced / deep
  • roast: medium & dark
  • growing region:  South American coffees


+All decaffeinated coffees look like a darker roast level than they are. Caffeinated 'green' (unroasted) coffee beans are a pale silver/ green / light brown color before roasting, and roast up to the color you are familiar with related to their roast level. Decaf coffees, on the other hand, darken through the decaffeination process, so a medium roasted decaf ends up looking like a dark roast.


+For more information about Swiss Water Process Coffee, click here.


**Coffee ships in our house kraft paper bags. We strongly recommend that you transfer your coffee into an air tight storage container to maintain the flavor and aroma of your coffee, or upgrade to our heat sealed packaging - available in the drop down tab below. If you don't have an airtight container, check out our favorite coffee storage in house and online.

Decaf Deja Brew Blend 16oz