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  • tasting notes: chocolate / soft citrus / red fruit
  • body: full / balanced / clean
  • roast: medium
  • process: washed & sun dried
  • growing region: Central America
  • elevation: 1,500-1,700 MASL


+This dark roast coffee has been a house favorite for years. Of all the coffees that we have experimented with using darker roasting profiles, this origin performs best- melding its smooth chocolatey notes with deeper smokiness without losing its complexity. It is the same Guatemalan bean as our medium roast Guatemala, just a more intense roast profile. What to expect? That deeper brown, but not jet black bean- definitely a bit of an oil sheen, but not as dark as our French roast.


**Coffee ships in our house kraft paper bags. We strongly recommend that you transfer your coffee into an air tight storage container to maintain the flavor and aroma of your coffee, or upgrade to our heat sealed packaging - available in the drop down tab belo